Monday, October 27, 2008

String Quilts, Fabric Baskets, Carol Doak's October BOM and Long-Arm Quilting

I have been working the last few days on several different projects. One is my first string quilt. I have suggested this as the next project for the Senior Center quilters, so I am working on an example. No surprise - mine is yellows and blues with a few teals and golds thrown in. string quilt blue yellow 4 squares My guild had a work day Saturday where most of us worked on string quilt blocks that were more scrappy than this, but like mine they did have the same color thru the center of each block. I only have enough of the dark blue fabric to make 3 more 4-block units, then I will use a different fabric or 2 and mix them up, but I do plan to have all blues in the corners so that the centers of the big diamonds will be blue. The blocks could certainly be different sizes, but I am squaring mine up to 10". I am trying to make my stripes varying widths so I don't have anything to match up except the center dark blue stripes.

I've been working on a secret quilted wall hanging over the last week - not ready to show it, but here is a fabric basket I made yesterday to go with it.
Carolyn's Basket I'd been seeing these on Vera's blog and thought they were really cute, so I went to Pink Penguin and printed the directions. I'm sure I will be making more of these! It is about 4" x 6" and 4" tall, not counting the handles. Thank you Vera for posting your pictures!

Recently Carol Doak started a new BOM on her
Yahoo Group - here is my October one. Carol Doak's Oct '08 BOM Each block will be a 7" square. I already have plans for whipping up another one with a different kind of tree and a creek instead of a road. She has already given us the November one, but I am not looking at it, or the pictures that others have already posted, until Nov 1.

Friday I used a friend's long-arm machine to quilt the Senior Center's first Turning Twenty quilt. I had practiced on it a couple of times and selected the stars and loops pantograph to do on this quilt. I got there about 1:00, chatted for awhile and then we began loading the quilt. When I got down to the actual quilting it took about 15 minutes to do a pass across the quilt, then about 10 minutes to reposition, etc. We were taking it off the machine by 8:30, and we had taken several breaks. It is just my first attempt, but not too bad. I thought this pantograph allowed a bit of freedom about exactly where you put the loops, as long as they don't run into the stars! rays quilt front quilted closeup Here is the back of the same quilt rays quilt back quilted


Vesuvius Mama said...

Nancy, your quilting looks great! Congrats on your first try. Those string blocks are very similar to the ones I am doing, although mine are 8 3/4" x 10 3/4 " rectangles (the size of the phone book pages I am using as a foundation) rather than squares. And even though I have the same color through the center of my blocks, the centers don't line up exactly - I suppose I should have tried to do that, but I didn't. Love the bag. Vera makes them sound so easy, but I need a second opinion before I try one - are they easy to make? Let me qualify that - would they be easy for me to make?

Vera said...

Hey Nancy, aren't you glad now you made one. They really are adorable and easy to make. I bet you will make a bunch more. I have them all over the house now and some put away for gifts.

Kristie said...

Love the string block! I have not tried one of those yet. Love the colors! A friend made me a couple of those baskets and I love them, I thought I would make some for gifts!

I think your quilt turned out beautiful! The quilting looks wonderful! How fun to get to play with a longarm!!!! :)