Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back of Lillian's Quilt and the Quilt Frame at the Senior Center

Last night I finished the backing for Lillian's quilt - Backing for Lillian's Quilt Here is the front Lillian's Quilt Top Finished . I have the backing and batting together now, just need to add the top to them and I will be ready to baste it.

Today I went to the Maury River Senior Center, where I lead a quilting group and teach a computer class, to demonstrate using a quilting frame during a community festival. Yesterday I took the Pantry Quilt over to set it all up. The frame I was using was a Hinterburg that was donated to the Center. We had to drill a bigger hole in each side of the legs to get the bolt thru that is a attached to a stabilizing piece. One of the gears on it was turned the wrong way, but we couldn't figure out how to get it off. We even tried hammering it off but it wouldn't budge. This afternoon, as I was taking the quilt off the frame, the director of the Center showed me that the gear has a screw - no wonder hammering it wouldn't make it come off!

DH came over to see how it was going for me and took a couple of pictures. Here's the long view Pantry Quilt at Senior Center and a closer up shot - Pantry Quilt at Senior Center - closeup In the backgroud you can see my Grandmother's Flower Garden, that is still a work in progress, and the Turning Twenty top we recently finished. The sampler on the wall with the gold sashing is the one our group made for the Center last year.


Kristie said...

So many beautiful quilt!!! I love how you are doing your backings! At first I thought it was a block and then I read it and it was the back!!!! That is wonderful!

Vesuvius Mama said...

I wish I could have been there with you, Nancy! The place looks great with quilts all around. Your GFG is really growing by leaps and bounds!

Cindy said...

The love picture of your Tee-shirt quilt! Fantastic! I'm working on one for a lady. I think I'm just going to do an all over stipple on it :0)
Have a great day!