Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Monsieur Beauregard" ~ and Other Allie Quilts

Last weekend DH and I went to Columbia County, NY to visit Allie, our daughter who works at Thompson Finch Farm in Ancram. She is our youngest, and the only quilter. In between tending and harvesting strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples and the other garden produce this summer and fall she has also been busily working on some more quilted wallhangings. I mentioned some of her pieces in a previous post but now she has more. The model for "Monsieur Beauregard" Monsieur Beauregard Monsieur Beauregard Close-up is a Beauregard sweet potato that graces her doorstep. Here she shows the original and the quilted piece. Allie with Monsieur Beauregard She used some Paris street scene fabric for the background and painted over it. If you look closely at the larger view of it you can see the design in the background. She also painted the fabric for the potato to make it more the real color.

Another one of her quilted wall hangings is "Hans" In Memoriam, Hans
The model for this one was Hans - a bull at Hawthorne Valley Farm in Harlemville, NY. Allie worked at this farm last year, and still goes to the Inwood Greenmarket in Manhattan for them sometimes. He died prematurely and Allie created this quilt in his honor. Here is a close-up of the work on it. In Memoriam, Hans, closeup

She made "Lily's Peas" Lily's Peas for a friend who used to work for a food magazine - this was made to resemble a photo in the magazine. Here is a close-up of the stitching on it. Lily's Peas Close-up

Another one of her quilts is this rolling chicken coop Chicken Coop modeled after one on a farm she worked on this spring. I think my scrap pile was raided for several of these blue fabrics - but what a wonderful use of them! The background fabric has text on it about chickens, painted to blend with the blues. Chicken Coop Close-up

Another quilt she made is this one of dried tomatoes - again painted and quilted to emphasis the colors. Dried Tomatoes She says the title of this one, "Plump Thing with a Naval," is a translation of the Spanish word for "tomato." I am amazed at the way she quilts the lettering of her some of her titles in cursive writing! Dried Tomatoes Close-up


Kristie said...

Oh I'm sure you are very proud of her! She does wonderful work!!! Those are amazing!

Vesuvius Mama said...

Allie is so prolific and creative, I wouldn't be surprised if one day she were featured in her own quilt exhibit. I, for one, would certainly go.