Monday, August 11, 2008

My Guild's Quilt Show and Allie's Quilts

My Guild, Rockbridge Pieceworkers Quilt Guild, has a quilt show as part of the Rockbridge Regional Fair in July. I joined the guild in August 2006, but was not ready to put anything in last year's show. This year I put two of my quilts in the show - the T-shirt quilt T-shirt quilt at the quilt show and the Butterflies and Hydrangeas quilt Butterflies and Hydrangeas at the Quilt Show. Neither of them won a prize, but it was neat to see them displayed in a public place. The quilting group that I lead at our local Senior Center also put a quilt in the show that several of us worked on, so that was neat for those ladies to see their handiwork on display. Senior Center Sampler hanging
For me the best part of the quilt show was that our youngest daughter entered 5 of her quilted wallhangings in the show. I am showing them here with their labels so you can see what she said about each one. She is in her second year of working on organic farms in the Columbia County, New York area. "Flame,"
Flame with sign "Chocolate," Chocolate with sign "Bodo," Bodo with quilt show sign "Wiltsie Bridge," Wiltsie Bridge with quilt show sign and "El Corazon." El Corazon with sign She has painted on some of them, and I think just did a terrific job on them. She has an art background, but has only been quilting for a couple of years.

Allie just recently finished a quilt for the daughter of her current employers that they commissioned her to make for their daughter's wedding. Here is a picture of her and my hubby with that quilt -Lila's quilt with Allie and Dave She designed the quilt herself, cut out all those orange flowers from some batik fabric and machine appliqued them on, machine quilted the quilt and included some botanical designs in the quilting and has a quote from Khalil Gibran quilted in cursive writing around the border - Quite an amazing job I thought! The couple did not see the quilt until the reception, where it was hanging up for all to see.


Gina said...

They are all beautiful quilts. You must be so proud of your daughter

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Roslyn Atwood said...

Love hydrangeas,so of course I love that little quilt. They are plentiful here in Seattle where we are visiting on route to Alaska!