Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Frayed Edge Quilt Finished - Now It's "Bonnie Week"

I managed to get our frayed edge quilt finished - and washed, dried and vacuumed - in time for the guild meeting on Thursday. Here is the front  Front of our frayed edge quilt and the back. Back of our frayed edge quilt And as soon as I got home from the meeting we covered up with it on the couch to read a bit - it was a chilly and rainy day here on Thursday.  That night we went to see a local production of To Kill a Mockingbird. Friday I tried to catch up on some email and chores, then DD#2, SIL and Reilly came over for dinner - cornbread and minestrone soup made in the crockpot. Don't you love crockpot cooking!

Yesterday we were up early to go to nephew's wrestling regionals - over an hour north of here, but well worth the trip because he won both matches yesterday and is now the heavyweight champion of his AAAA region - way to go Eric! Unfortunately we did not get to see his championship match as we had reservations for the Braves 400 Fan Club Gameboree at the Georgia World Congress Center. It was a fun evening celebrating Bobby Cox, the recently retired Braves' manager.

I say this is "Bonnie Week" because my former guild in Lexington, VA is having Bonnie Hunter give a lecture and workshop this coming Friday and Saturday. She is doing a workshop on the Scrappy Mountain Majesties pattern. I am planning to make mine a Christmas theme, using these and few more fat quarters I picked up at A Scarlet Thread this week.  scrappy mountains majesty fabrics  We are to have our fabrics cut into 8 1/2" squares - 32 lights and 32 darks for the lap size, 66 of each for the full size. I'm aiming for at least the lap size, or maybe a bit bigger. I also still need to finish the borders on my Orange Crush top - one of her mystery quilts that I want to show her. And I will be bringing my BargelloBowl quilt - a Bonnie project from 3 Super Bowls ago. Blue BargelloBowl I'll be leaving here Thursday to go to my mom's in east TN before going on up to Lexington on Friday. I'm spending Friday night with Erin - will we get any sleep??  The workshop is Saturday, then I'll go back to my mom's that night, and back home on Sunday.  Hoping for good weather all the way up and back, but the forecast for Thursday is a little dicey right now.

Here is what I am thinking for the borders of the Orange Crush quilt - Orange Crush border possibility I've got the black border on one side, and the others are cut out ready to sew on. For the corners I am planning on using some of the extra little blocks you see there, and maybe some of them in the middle of the green floral border as well. Not sure about that, I'll have to see what it looks like when i get the black border on. Also not sure about the binding, but that doesn't have to be decided yet since I don't know what I will back it with, or how I will quilt it!


Cheryl Willis said...

sounds like you are busy, I love the intended border.
I have been seeing other quilt bloggers posting about Bonnies visit. Are you planning on meeting Erin there?
Tell everyone HI from me. I have plans for a church lock in with K-6th graders next weekend, wanta trade spots?

Vesuviusmama said...

Love the proposed corner treatment for your quilt - I love pieced (or at least partially pieced) borders! The flannel quilt looks great, and how cool that you've used it already. And I'm not sure how much sleep we'll get, but we need to get some so we can safely wield our rotary cutters on Saturday. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I took my mom's Scrappy Mountains Majesty quilt from her this weekend, and she nearly cried, but I did give her her other quilt, so that's some consolation.