Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Orange Crush Top Finished -- now on to Scrappy Mountain Majesties

I finally finished the Orange Crush top late last night so it is ready to take to the Bonnie Hunter workshop this weekend in Lexington. VA. Orange Crush top finished I always seem to delay putting on borders because I think they will cause me problems but I was working under a deadline so I just kept going. The corners are extra units that I had made for the center of the quilt, and the pieces in the middle of each green border were for the corners as Bonnie had originally designed the quilt, but I didn't need them for that with the arrangement of the blocks that I used. 

The next question of course is how to quilt it. If I were to do it on my Brother I would just outline the orange and green blocks, and maybe a line thru the light diagonal lines, but I could also get someone to do it on a longarm.  It sounds like DH likes it, so it may be one that we actually use.  I had no plans for it when I started making it, and of course since it was a mystery quilt I didn't know what it would look like in the end.  I was drawn to it in the beginning because of the name - orange crush used to be my favorite soft drink when I was growing up. I bought some of them when I started making this quilt, but it didn't taste as good as I remembered.

After I finished the borders on the Orange Crush last night I started cutting out more 8 1/2" blocks for the Scrappy Mountain Majesties that Bonnie is teaching at the workshop this weekend.  She is doing this workshop for the Rockbridge Pieceworkers Quilt Guild, the guild that I belonged to when I lived in Lexington. I was the program co-chair, and arranged for this workshop about 1 1/2 years ago. Even that far out, Bonnie's schedule was pretty well booked, but we were able to get a date in between some of her other trips since we are pretty close to her. So far I have 56 different "darks" that are mostly Christmas fabrics. fabrics for Scrappy Mountain Majesties When I started cutting the "lights" it looked like some of them had slipped into my quilting room without stopping in the laundry room first so I am washing and drying them now.  I may be sharing some of what I have with Erin, so I will take all that I have of these fabrics to see what she wants to use.  We need 32 of each for a lap size and 66 of each for a full size - guess I'm aiming for something in between. I may decide when I start assembling the blocks that some don't work - but if they don't work on the front they could work on the back - right Bonnie?


Judi said...

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! Safe travels.

Julie Fukuda said...

I dropped in after seeing your comment on Erin's blog. How nice it must be to have these friends in the real world as well. I don't know what a non-machine person would do in the workshop but I'm feeling a bit of envy anyway.