Monday, February 14, 2011

Bonnie Hunter Workshop Report

I'm now back home from the fun of a Bonnie Hunter workshop. Bonnie was at my old guild in Lexington, VA - the Rockbridge Pieceworkers Quilt Guild. I drove from south of Atlanta to my mom's house in east TN Thursday, then on into Lexington Friday morning. Met with our realtor, since we still own a house there, then met Bonnie and some of the officers of our guild, and Erin, for dinner. Great conversation flowed and it was soon time to leave to get to the Virginia Horse Center where we were meeting for the evening. After a brief business meeting we had Show and Tell. Erin and I both brought a quilt we'd made using one of Bonnie's patterns. Erin brought her Scrappy Mountain Majesties that she made for her mom. Erin and Bonnie with her Scrappy Mountain Majesties This was the quilt that introduced her to Bonnie a few years back.  (I felt honored to get to sleep under this quilt at Erin's house later that evening!) I brought my Orange Crush top - finished as of the day before I left for the trip. Bonnie Hunter with me and my Orange Crush Bonnie presented a great trunk show, showing many of the quilts from her books. It was so cool to be able to see them up close and actually touch them. When Bonnie asked for volunteers to fold the quilts after she showed each one Erin and I jumped up - we're too short to hold up big quilts, but we can certainly fold!!

Erin was gracious enough to let me spend the night at her house, and I felt honored to be sleeping in her younger son's bed with her mom's quilt covering me. Thanks Donald for the loan of your bed!

Bonnie's workshop - Scrappy Mountain Majesties - was such fun. Everyone brought different fabrics and it looked like everyone made real progress. Bonnie posted on her blog about our workshop - and here Here are Erin and I in front of Bonnie's large Scrappy Mountain Majesties Erin and me with Bonnie's Scrappy Mountain Majesties

I think the one thing that stuck with me the most was Bonnie's idea of what constitutes "neutral."  She goes by the background of the fabric, so even if there is a lot of colors on the fabric, if the background is white or pale then she counts it as a neutral. Others may have this idea as well, but I will remember it as hers.

As a result of her idea, I have decided to add more of her version of neutrals to my fabrics for my Christmas version. Here is what I have done so far. Scrappy Mtn Majesties first layout  and a closer up look at it Scrappy Mtn Majesties first layout closeup I'm not sure that I will stick with this design, and I'm sure I will spread out the darks more as I get more done. This is one of the fabrics that I think I should have made be with the print as the light and a dark as the dark. Scrappy Mtn Majesties first layout closeup 2 It is a fabric I got from Erin so I'm not sure if I can get more or not.  Here are some others that I have pulled from my stash that are Christmas-y but that I had previously thought would be too light to use. It's hard to tell how they are going to look until you sew. slice and sew again. I may have several to go on the back of this quilt!! Here's some of the "new" neutrals I'm thinking of adding, along with some of the darks that I haven't used already. Scrappy Mtn Majesties fabrics 2 These will certainly give it a different look. I'll have to use a good many of them interspersed with the lighter lights. More to come on this project I'm sure.

 Before I continue on this project, or any other, I need to make 3 blocks for the ALA Biblioquilters group. One of the quilts we are making to donate to the American Library Associations silent auction at their annual conference this summer is a wonky log cabin done in pinks, browns, teals and greens. I had to buy some fat quarters for that - couldn't go shopping in my stash for any of it. We made one of the quilts using this tutorial last year, except each of the blocks was monochromatic, so some were blues, some were greens, some were yellows, etc. And the blocks are different sizes - 4.5", 6.5", 8.5" and 12.5". ALA wonky quilt 2010 I have volunteered to make one each of the three smaller sizes. More later on the Wonky Log Cabin.


Vesuviusmama said...

Oh, Nancy, the honor was definitely mine to have you stay at my house! And I will gladly send you some of the light Christmas fabrics that I had cut and didn't use. Check your mailbox! For tonight, I am in Roanoke at a hotel with 3 kids whose flights were cancelled and who leave at 5:30 AM tomorrow. The boys are at a friend's house for a "school night sleepover" - "Wow! Really, Mom?" because Adam is out of town with the team. Every day is an adventure!

Julie Fukuda said...

What a wonderful experience to be able to do that workshop together. I have some of that fabric as well but not much. Your report has some great information. Thanks for sharing!