Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Orange Crush Half Assembled

Tonight I finished sewing the top half of the Orange Crush quilt together - Orange crush top half  I had decided to make it 6 x 8 blocks when I saw how big it would be if I made it 7 x 9, since the blocks will finish at 9". I'll have a couple of borders on it, so it will be plenty big enough for roomy throw. I'm still liking the diagonal lines of it, including the light diagonal lines that go between the oranges and thru the middle of the greens.

It was a good day to be at my machine today - here is the view from the windows in my quilting room -view out the window in my quilting room  We had a couple of inches of ice-encrusted snow, but most of the greater Atlanta area had more than that. You may have heard about our weather - interstates closed, airport runways closed, pretty messy out there, so we are staying inside. Temps are expected to be in the teens Wednesday thru Friday nights, so it may not melt much for a few days. Guess we didn't move far enough south to miss all the snow!

This picture is just too cute to pass up - our granddaughter Reilly riding in an improvised "sled." Reilly in her sled She has hundreds of toys - but not a sled - so Mom and Dad came up with this so she could play in it outside today.


Cheryl Willis said...

that's how my grands sled too! we don't get enough snow to make a day of it so we improvise.
love your Orange Crush, looking good!

Connie said...

Grands are so wonderful, the picture is so cute in the snow!Like your orange quilt. Stay Warm!

Vesuviusmama said...

I love the improvised sled! And you guys have gotten much more snow than we have this year.