Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Updates and Another Frayed-edge Quilt

Since I decided to try to keep my blog more up-to-date I have also made some changes in the blog's appearance as well.

  • Changed the template and background to something more cheery
  • Updated My Playlist - added some songs, deleted some that weren't available any longer from Playlist.  This took way longer than you'd think, but I listen to it every day while doing other things online. ***If you don't want to hear my music just turn your volume down.***
  • Added icon for Quilting Bloggers after seeing it on Nann's blog
  • Added icon for the Weekly Themed Quilt Contest that Quilting Gallery holds
  • Added my Blue BargelloBowl to the above-mentioned contest since the theme for this week is bargello quilts Blue BargelloBowl
  • Updated the list of blogs I am following, and re-organized them with help from Erin - thanks again for that help Erin
  • Took off the 2009 list of finished projects and added the short list of 2010 finished project.
For the last two days I've been working on a new frayed-edge quilt for Lily, our youngest great-niece, who was born January 4.  Her room is purple, so I found a couple of purple fabrics to add to some I have used in previous baby quilts. Here is what I have so far - front side Lily's quilt - first 4 rows and back side. Lily's quilt back In the second picture you can see the plan for the rest of the back.  I am hoping to have it finished in time to give it to the grandparents Saturday, but as you can see I still have 5 rows to go, then a couple of washings and dryings. I am clipping it as I go, so I won't have all the clipping to do at the end.  Here are my two Fiskars clippers I use for frayed-edge quilts. frayed edge quilt snips The ones on the right are some I bought at JoAnn's Monday.  The older pair have clipped several quilts and now the little orange latch doesn't work so well anymore.  Even though these are designed for ease of use with arthritic hands, I still need a rest after using them for 30 minutes or so, so alternating sewing and clipping works well.


Mary Ann said...

Glad you're back. I'm at somewhat of a standstill mainly because my quilt is too heavy to carry to the nursing home & I can't make myself sit down here at home. But it's on my frame so all I have to do is sit down & quilt.

Barb said...

Your frayed edged quilt is lovely as well as your orange crush below.

Vesuviusmama said...

I pulled out fabrics for a flannel rag quilt this weekend and completely stumped myself for a pattern and ended up putting everything back to just work on what I've been working on. Your flannel rag quilt looks wonderful.