Friday, March 13, 2009

This Pattern Kept Calling My Name!

A couple of days ago I bought a pattern online called Simplified Log Cabin from e-PatternsCentral. I printed it and it has been sitting by my computer calling my name - over and over again! Tonight I finally gave in to it and pulled a bunch of colorful batiks to use in it. I have now cut 21 blocks, and positioned them where I think I want them to go, and have sewn 3 of the blocks together. Here is the layout for the upper left corner - Simplified Log Cabin layout and further to the right Simplified Log Cabin layout Here are two of the blocks sewn together and a third ready to sew to the first two. 3 blocks of Simplified Log Cabin I think one of the reasons this pattern appeals to me, besides the bright batik fabrics, is that it is a tessellating design. The pattern calls for 42 blocks, but I think I will make it bigger. Since the border is part of the blocks I will need to decide on the size I want before I can finish the top row. I think the thing that will decide it for me is how much more of the border material I have.

This was not the best time to be starting another quilt top - I still have Lillian's quilt to bind and label (but I have finished the quilting on it), another block to make for the ALA quilts, fabric to cut for a table runner class at our guild meeting on Saturday, and tomorrow, well, actually today, I need to start taking the wallpaper off the bathroom walls so the contractor can start on our renovation project. Oh, and I also need to make some of the refreshments for the guild meeting. So around all these things I wonder how many blocks I could get sewn together this weekend??


Gina said...

That's a great pattern and I love the fabrics that you are using

love and hugs Gina xx

Erin said...

Oh, I love that border that is part of the blocks. I am plugging my ear so this pattern can't call my name, too!

Joan said...

Hey Nance, Looks like something right up my alley! Love the way it looks! Joanie

Kim Kerschl said...

Hi Nancy,

I love the pattern! It is a "retro" log cabin pattern. So that is what you've been up to! Your "to do" list is as hectic as mine has been this week! But sometimes, all the other "stuff" just has to wait when FABRIC CALLS!!!!! See you tomorrow!

Kristie said...

I love it! I made one similar to this and it was very fun to do!