Friday, March 27, 2009

Allie's "Going Around in Circles Again," the Final ALA Biblioquilters Block and Progress on the Simplified Log Cabin

Allie has now finished her "Going Around in Circles Again" quilt and it is probably on its way to the recipients. Going Around in Circles finished This photo shows her quilting really well. I don't see how she does all those lines so evenly spaced, even with using the walking foot, on her domestic sewing machine!
Here is another picture showing the quilting up closer
Going Around in Circles finished and closer still Going Around in Circles Again - closeup of the quilting I wish I could see the quilt in person, but she made it for the niece of the family that she works for, and it is probably on the way to her and her new hubby now.

I finished the last of the 5 ALA Bilbioquilter blocks a couple of days ago. ALA Biblioquilters Red/White/Blue block I like the design, and I like the look of stars, but I don't think I can do them very well. I can add the flying geese pieces on the sides OK, but sewing the blocks together so that my seams don't eat the points is frequently a problem. I always have to sew at least one seam again to get it better. If anyone has suggestions for that problem I'm all ears!
I've also been working on the Simplified Log Cabin and now have 9 rows pieced Simplified Log Cabin - 9 rows It is 11 blocks wide; I'm thinking I will make it 13-14 blocks long and hope to be working on it some more today. I love the fact that the border is a part of the piecing, so when I'm thru it is ready to sandwich. I' m thinking I will use a batik for the back - maybe see what I can find in a wide piece so that I don't have to piece it. I think I want to learn how to use a Handi-quilter at some shop where I can then rent time on the machine to do some quilting myself. There is a shop about an hour from here that does that, but you have to buy a set of leaders. There also at least 2 shops in the Atlanta area that have Handi-quilters so I might be able to work in a day or two of lessons and practice with an extended trip to see kids and grands there.


Roslyn Atwood said...

I like your simplified Log Cabin & especially the built-in border,LOL!

Mary Ann said...

I agree, Allie's quilting is phenomenal. As you know, I'm not a huge fan of most machine quilting but it's great when it works with the pattern of the quilt top. What are your plans for your Log Cabin? It's lovely & sounds like it will be big.

Kristie said...

That quilt looks amazing! She has done a wonderful job.

Love your quilts also! Very nice! I love the pattern for the Log cabin!

Ursula said...

Allie did an amazing job ..... just wonderful ....

Christine Thresh said...

Your quilting on the Going Around in Circles Again quilt is inspired.