Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Ornaments, Another Fabric Basket and Lillian's Quilt

I was home all day on Friday - this doesn't happen often these days since I work 2 1/2 days and volunteer at the Senior Center one day. I decided to get an "early" start on Christmas ornaments. Carol Doak recently gave her Yahoo group a new pattern for a paper-pieced ornament. I made two of them, as well as 3 others of her patterns. In this picture Paper-pieced Christmas ornaments the new one from her is the package. They all have a two-piece backing that forms a pocket, in case you want to put a little treat, gift card, etc in it. I'm thinking I will make these for our grandkids (4), my mom and siblings (3), my great nieces and nephew (3), our kids who don't have kids (2), misc. others (???). Hmmm, good I got started this early I'd say!

Earlier this week I finished another fabric basket Lillian's fabric basket- this one is for Lillian, our youngest grandchild. It goes with the quilt I am making her. I am slowly doing the hand-quilting on it, but my thumbs and wrists are making the hand-quilting a challenge. I have 7 of 35 blocks quilted - here is one of them in progress, Lillian's quilt but it is hard to see the quilting stitches.


Gina said...

Love the little ornaments.

What a great idea to make a basket to match a quilt. I think I'll start doing that.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kristie said...

I love those ornaments! So lovely! I love the quilt that you are handquilting, it looks very nice and those baskets are just too cute! Everyone has been making those lately, I guess I will too!!!

alanajo said...

Id like to try the fabric basket.

Cindy said...

Wow! You go girl! Those ornaments are just too cute :0) Hand quilting? What's that? J.K. You're a better woman then I am. I'm hand quilting a Christmas Wall hanging for, Oh, about four years now. LOL I'll have to get that done before I start hand quilting something else :0) Love the basket too! Very cute that it matches.

Colleen said...

The ornaments are so cute. I joined the group so I could get the pattern, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

Linda said...

I love the little ornaments and I am hooked on those little fabric baskets. I made some and gave as gifts and have about a million ideas for the next ones. Have a merry Christmas. Hugs, Linda