Sunday, January 20, 2008

Van Gogh's View is officially finished

Just a few minutes ago I finished sewing the label into Van Gogh's View so I can now say it is officially finished. Van Gogh is finished! Usually the labels come later, sometimes much later, but this time I thought I would do it while I still had the quilt. I made the label using 18-count cross-stitch fabric, and did the lettering in backstitch, then put a border around the label. I'd hoped to have it finished by Christmas, but that didn't happen. I'll be shipping it to our daughter and her family in GA.Tuesday since tomorrow is a holiday. Van Gogh's label


Gina said...

It's fabulous

love and hugs xxx

Kristie said...

Wow!! It is beautiful! I'm sure she will love it. I love how you did the label, very nice idea! Great Job1