Friday, January 4, 2008

Quilting plans for the year

This is NOT a list of New Year's Resolutions - I know I won't keep those! But I do want to make a list of projects that I want to finish or continue on during the year. Will "publishing" it make me more likely to actually stick to it - not sure about that, but here goes:

1. Finish the applique and label on Van Gogh's View - DONE AND MAILED
2. Make the labels for Surrounded and the two Cars quillows - attaching will have to wait until I am in GA again - ONE QUILLOW LABELED
3. Make secret 6 blocks - DONE
4. Make secret signature wall hanging

5. Make a secret flannel rag quilt - DONE - JAN '09
6. Bind Hydrangeas and Butterflies - DONE
7. Assemble pillow that goes with Hydrangeas and Butterflies - DONE
8. Assemble the calico lap-quilting blocks into a lap quilt

9. Continue on the Spectacular Scraps quilt- MORE FABRICS CUT
10. Continue on Grandmother's Flower Garden - WORKED ON BUT NOT DONE
11. Continue on Dresden Plate Stack 'n Whack
12. Catch up with QCC's NYB blocks
13. Catch up with Carol Doak's BOM
14. Make a quilt out of the blocks I got in the Carol Doak Fat Eighth Swap
15. Make the Dahlia Sweatshirt
16. Do something with my guild's challenge fabric - DECIDED NOT TO DO
17. Continue on the Christmas wreath wall hanging
18. Continue on the Pantry quilt that the Senior Center group is doing - center is done
19. Finish quilting the blocks for the Senior Center sampler- DONE AND IS HANGING
20. Assemble the Senior Center sampler quilt - SEE ABOVE
21. Make some toe-warmers for the guild retreat- DONE
22. Make some of the participants' gifts for the guild retreat - DONE
23. Finish quilting Allie's apple quilt
24. Finish quilting on Fallen Leaves wallhanging - DONE
25. Finish quilting on guild's comfort quilt
26. Make Peter Rabbit quilt - ON HOLD
27. Make a quilt for grandchild due in August - PIECING DONE; HAND QUILTING IN PROGRESS
28. Make one of Quiltville's scrap quilts - see #33
29. Make the batik Hawaiian wedding quilt
30. Make a quilt with the blue Tonga batiks
31. Make the Celestial Migraine quilt
32. Make a quilt for niece/nephew due in June - DONE
33. Make a bargello quilt - Center is pieced
34. Continue on the Tumbling Blocks quilt
35. Make some placemats for us
36. Make some placemats and/or table-runners for our kids - ONE TABLE RUNNER DONE
37. Make a 2nd pillow to go with the Surrounded quilt - probably NYB design
38. Make a rag quilt from my collection of homespun fabrics - new addition to the list
39. Make a beach/water themed quilt - new addition to the list
40. Make 4 blocks for the ALA BiblioQuilters - new addition to the list - DONE
41. Bind the purple Senior Center quilt - new addition to list (2/20/08) - DONE
42. 1 secret block - new addition to list (2/20/08) - DONE
43. make 5 blocks for the Carol Doak Spring Batik Swap - new additon to list (3/19/08) - DONE

OK, that's that enough to list for today. Amazingly, I don't think I would have to have any more material to do all of these projects! Maybe some for backings, but not even sure about that. Can you tell that I must have a pretty big stash right now? If I am counting right, about 20 of these are finishing or continuing on projects already started. I would be astonished if I got all of those finished this year, but it is a goal I could strive for. I will be starting with #'s 1, 3, 6, 7, 15, 24 and 37 though not necessarily in that order. #18 is an on-going project that I work on mostly on Wednesday mornings before I meet with the ladies at the Senior Center on Wednesday afternoons. I am hoping to have #1 and #15 done in time for our next guild meeting - Jan 12. So I'd better stop working on my list and start working on Van Gogh! I am hoping that putting this list out for all to see will be some encouragement for me to try to be a "completer" this year.


jillquilts said...

What a great list! I am scared to do mine! I would have way too many! And I keep adding more all of the time!

Kristie said...

Sounds like you have a plan! I have made a small list, but I'm sure I will add to it as I finish sorting through my mess. You have some very interesting projects listed, I can't wait to see them.

Gina said...

What a list. Best of luck.
My to do list is quite small but you can guarantee that either Gemma or Mal will be adding to it over the year.

love and hugs xxx

Maureen said...

What a great list...I wish I knew what I had upstairs in my quilt room so it is difficult to come up with a plan. I am hoping to make a to-do list by the end of January but this is a hope that I have!

Good luck ... I am sure you will complete your list!