Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Van Gogh's View is back home!

As promised, UPS delivered Van Gogh's View back home late this afternoon. I LOVE the quilting that Sandie did on it. She did little swirlies in all the sections where the folds are not, so that the folded back parts really stand out. I had tacked them down well, so I am not worried about them falling out. Here is a picture of the quilting she did on it and a closer view of the it.

van gogh quilted closeup van gogh quilted closeup2

When you look at it at an angle you can see the 3 dimensional appearance - here is a photo that kind of shows that van gogh quilted closeup 3d

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Rose Marie said...

This quilt has such movement and the quilting just enhances it more so. I can imagine how stunning it will look hanging on a wall!