Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting to Know Each Other

Here are the Fours..... I got this from Jen and Gina

Job's I've Had:
1. School librarian - 2 high schools, 1 middle school (Miami, FL and Lexington, VA)
2. Placement Office assistant at Washington and Lee University Law School
3. mail order catalog order-taker - this was in the early 80's, catalog is no longer in operation
4. College Librarian and Library Science teacher - Augusta, GA

Movies I (do) Could Watch Over & Over:
1. Dr. Zhivago
2. Sound of Music
3. It's a Wonderful Life
4. Something's Gotta Give

TV Shows I Watch:
1. Braves Baseball
2. The Closer
3. Dancing With the Stars
4. Women's Murder Club

Places I've Lived:
1. Charlottesville, VA
2. Nashville, TN
3. Decatur, GA
4. Miami, FL
I could go on - I've lived in 12 different towns, but have moved 23 times

Favorite Foods:

1. my mother's rhubarb pie
2. my husband's grilled hamburgers
3. crablegs
4. steak

Favorite Colors:

1. blue
2. yellow
3. teal
4. purple

Places I'd Love to Be Now:

1. on the beach at Hatteras
2. in Hawaii
3. in Ireland
4. wherever our kids/grands are gathered

Names I like but would/did not use for my children

1. Kurt
2. Sara
3. Ariana
4. Kate

Not sure how this part works - I will tag Rhoda, Teresa, Stephanie and Lori/Hazel


teresa said...

Nancy I enjoyed this quiz so much , this is really cool, and I gotta tell you how much we have in common, thanks for sharing.

Kristie said...

Hi Nancy! I finally found you.... I have to say I just love your "Van Gogh" it is beautiful. You are a very talented quilter.