Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another T-shirt quilt update

I picked up the T-shirt quilt from the first longarm quilter last Friday morning. Monday night I took it to the quilting class/group and discussed it with the local longarm quilter. She wants to practice first on a sample of it, since she is a bit concerned about how it will work with the fusible material that I used on the back of the shirts. So, tonight I hope to finish a sample - one T-shirt with a bit of a logo on it, and a picture printed on Printed Treasures, as I did in the quilt, surrounded by other t-shirt material and a border around all of it, similiar to what I did in the real thing. I hope to take it to her maybe Friday. She is also going to quilt a raffle quilt for our Senior Center group, after I finish adding the borders to it, and I want to do that too before I go see her. So, I guess progress is being made on the T-shirt quilt, but no definite answer yet.

And Jen, thanks for your offer. If this woman decides she doesn't want to do it, I will send it to Vera.

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Jen said...

I like that this lady is working with you to get you what you want and wants to take the time to practice!!