Monday, May 17, 2010

Long Time Since I've Posted

I doubt anyone is even checking my blog these days because it has been so long since I posted anything. I have been doing some quilting, but I'll have to admit much of my time between November and February was been spent online house-hunting. My husband announced his retirement in January. He is a librarian at Washington and Lee University and will be retiring at the end of June. This has been in the works for awhile, though pretty much in secret. We plan to move to McDonough, GA, where one of our daughters and her family live. That means we will also be much closer to my daughter and her family in Marietta, GA, and to my son and his family in Athens, GA. We were in GA for Thanksgiving and Christmas and looked at houses both trips. After Christmas we even went with a real estate agent to see 9 different houses. We were back there in February, looked at about 9 more houses, and a few days later made an offer on our favorite one that we looked at for the first time in December. The owners accepted our first offer, and we closed on the house April 30. We've already moved some stuff in, and will be taking more there in a couple of weeks, and will officially move in June 26. Exciting times, and sad too, because we are moving from a town we've lived in, except for 2 years, since 1983. Our new house

Quilting-wise, I have finished the hand-quilting on Reilly's quilt and gave it to her in February. Here I am marking some of the designs I handquilted on it. Marking quilt designs on Reilly's quilt Here you can see some of the hand quilting Reilly's quilt close-up and here is a close-up of one of the corners of it. Corner of Reilly's quilt and Miss Reilly in her crib on her new quilt. Reilly on her quilt

My Christmas projects included another tablerunner, so I was able to give each of our 3 GA kids a tablerunner. Then I made 8 napkins to go with each of the 3 tablerunners. Here is the latest runner and napkins - Tablerunner for Rob and Beckie I also made bags with ties attached for each of the grandkids for Christmas. Christmas bags The boys' bags with drawstrings are in the front, and the 3 girls' ones are in the back with ribbons that can be tied into bows stitched to the bags.

For Easter I made each of them an Easter basket, similar to the ones I made for our girls when they were little, probably 25 years or so ago. This one is Reilly's Easter basket for Reilly and this one is for Atticus. Easter basket for Atticus Here are Reba, Jack and Lillian with their baskets. Reba's is the same fabric as Reilly's, but purple, Jack's is the same fabric as Atticus' but green and yellow, and Lillian's is a red print. Reba, Jack and Lillian with their Easter baskets Reba stuffed hers full with more eggs. Reba with her Easter basket stuffed

One of our recent guild workshops was called "Nickelmania" - here is the beginning of my version of that idea. Half of Nickelmania quilt sewn together I doubt that it will be any more finished by the time I move, but I will have a room just for quilting in my new house so hope to get back into serious quilting then.

For 3 years now I have contributed a few blocks to the quilts that a group of library-related quilters make to be raffled or auctioned at the American Library Association meeting. Here are the blocks for this year's quilts. This one is Carol Doak's Connecticut Star, Carol Doak's Connecticut Star and these are 3 Wonky Log Cabin blocks. Wonky Log Cabin blocks for ALA quilt You can see that these quilts will be quite different! The third quilt for the raffle is a bookcase - a pattern that I definitely want to do sometime.

My main goal quilt-wise before I leave here is to finish my second comfort quilt. It was started in July of last year when we had a workshop to get some more started. This is the front Front of 2nd comfort quilt top and the back of it. Back of 2nd comfort quilt Just need to pin-baste it and quilt it. I will be doing it on my machine - probably just some diagonal lines in each section. VesuviusMama will recognize some of the backing fabrics! And she will be surprised that I have actually posted on my blog after all this time.


Vesuviusmama said...

GASP! You posted! Yay! I hope you get into a rhythm and post regularly since I am going to miss you SO MUCH!

I don't think I ever saw the final table runner - very cool. And I've said it before, but Reilly looks just like Dave to me! I certainly do recognize some of those comfort quilt backing fabrics - I'm glad you put them to use.

It was good to see you yesterday, and I hope to see you again a couple times before you take the plunge.

Shirleymac said...

For someone who hasn't been quilting you had great stuff to post. Your new house is gorgeous! I'd hate to leave where we live now but if my kids moved somewhere else I think we might just follow too.

Judi said...

Welcome back to posting. Nice to catch up with what you have been doing. Love the house.

Judi said...

Hey those antique roses smell like Tea Rose perfume. It's the nicest scent. I should think peony's should do fine down south. We have visited beautiful nurseries around the Woodstock area.