Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pink and Brown Quilts

Reilly's quilt is one of my pink and brown quilts, but I have recently finished another one that I haven't mentioned here. Awhile back the Senior Center quilting group that I lead started making some lap-size quilts using strips and the quilt-as-you-go technique. It took me longer to finish mine than it did the rest of the ladies, but I finally got mine finished and gave it to the Center to put in their shop to sell. Here it is finished Calico Stripe Finished and here is a close-up of one corner Corner of the Calico Stripe Here is photo of the back of the quilt Calico Stripe with Backine . It is always good to learn at least one thing with each project - one of the things I learned with this one is how to make rounded corners. That required me to review how to do a continuous bias binding. I especially like the way a stripe fabric looks in a bias binding, so was pleased with the way this turned out. I cut many more strips than needed however, so could probably make another one without cutting any more fabric. Instead I will just add them to my collection of strips of different widths for another project. This was the same process that we used for the table runners we were taught at Retreat this year, just a different size, and with sashing added. I really like it as a quick to do quilt.
Working on this project also prompted me to investigate walking feet. I have never been happy with the one that came with my Brother CS6000i, so just didn't use it much, but these seams were pretty thick so I contacted a Brother dealer to see if there was a different foot I could get. He said that if my foot did not say "Brother" on it then it probably wasn't a Brother one, and my original one did not, so I ordered one from him, and it seems to be doing much better.
Yesterday I started quilting Reilly's quilt - my first pink and brown quilt. Here are the 4 blocks I've done so far.First 4 Blocks of Reilly's Quilt Now Quilted On the right you can still see the marking pen I use to trace the stencil design, but I will spray it tonight with some water and it will go away. I am outlining the individual sections of the pink and brown sections, and will be alternating the two stencil designs for the cream sections.


Vesuviusmama said...

Wow, you got quite a bit of quilting done on Reilly's quilt yesterday! I like that you are alternating the quilting motif. And at some point, I may ask you to walk me through the quilt-as-you-go; that could be a good thing for this slow hand quilter to learn.

Rose Marie said...

Your hand quilting is gorgeous and I like the two motifs that you are using.

Hazel said...

I'm liking that quilt as you go ,may I ask if there is a pattern for it .