Thursday, August 13, 2009

Honorable Mention

Our guild had a show July 14-18 and I entered 4 of my quilts - Fallen Leaves Fallen Leaves finished , BargelloBowl BargelloBowl finished , Simplified Log Cabin Simplified Log Cabin on our bed and Say it With Flowers Say it With Flowers and the ribbon. Much to my surprise I got an Honorable Mention ribbon for the Say it With Flowers. I entered it in the handquilted category - I made it for my mom in '06-'07. I think it was the second handquilted one that I have finished. The comments from the judge were interesting. She thought my triangle points need improvement, and that my handquilting needed to be more consistent in size and space between - I thought the points were pretty darn good, and it was only my 2nd handquilted piece so I thought it was pretty good. She did like the theme fabric and felt the colors were well coordinated - I should give all credit to the fabric designer -- this was a kit that I bought so all the fabrics were in one collection from Northcott I think. She did like the checkerboard border - I was pleased with the way it turned out, and it was easier than I thought it would be. She also said "Excellent handling of difficult binding fabric choice - very good binding corners." That was satisfying because it was hard to do - the binding is a strip of the fabric that has a rope design that I used as the top of the binding and right beside that are some strips that show up on the binding on the back - so it was nice that she noticed that. It is instructive to get the judge's comments, but you need a bit of a thick skin. The important thing for me remains to be that I make quilts that I like, in fabrics that I like, that suit the person I am making them for if that is the purpose. My mom says she likes this quilt - and it will shortly be back in her living room - although this morning I was wrapped up in it a bit while working on this blog entry. It was a cool and foggy morning in central VA - a typical August morning that reminds us that summer is fading.

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Linda said...

Congrats! I enter shows only because my guild needs quilts. I like to show my quilts but if I win, that's a plus. I'm like you, I make my quilts to suit me or whomever I am making them for. If someone else likes them and likes my work, then that's ok too....If it's any consolation, I love your quilts. One of my favorites is the leaves quilt but I think your color choices are excellent and I think it's great that you hand quilt. You go girl! Hugs, Linda