Thursday, May 23, 2013

Screen Porch and Emily's Quilt

I know that I usually try to keep my posts, few as they are, to the topic of quilting, but for the last few months, since November really, the idea of adding a screen porch to our house has been foremost in our minds. Finally it is actually coming to life. After talking 2 builders, deciding on the basic plan, getting the HOA approval, getting a re-fi mortgage with cash out, and getting a building permit, the first holes were dug a few weeks ago. Then after a 2-wk wait for an inspection of the footings the builder was able to start filling the footings. The project involves changing two windows in our bedroom to French doors, and cutting a door in the sunroom brick wall. Here are some photos of the process to date.

The supports for the roof are going up as I write this. The metal roof will start right under the soffits and slope a bit towards to back yard. We will have white pickets inside on the lower portion of the screens, and a screen door on the right side with a path eventually leading around to the patio. Oh, and a small triangular hot tub (in the outside left corner) and a TV (in the inside right corner) will be two of the furnishings inside the porch. Other furnishings to be determined when it is closer to being finished. You can draw all you want on graph paper, which I have done, but only when you actually see it in person do you have a real sense of the space. Right now it sure is looking BIG! Pardon the spacing of the pictures - I can't seem to get that quite right!

Now an update on my quilting. I haven't finished the Skinnie wall hanging for us, but I have been working on Emily's quilt. They will soon be moving her from her crib to a twin bed, and I want this ready to hang above there when they make the move. I have finished the hand-quilting on the center of the quilt and am 1/2 thru with the hearts and loops on the border. Soon will be ready for a decision on the binding - purple like the border and backing, or green like the flange. That will be up to the parents, but I'll bet they go with the purple, especially since the binding on Reilly's is the same as the border and backing.  

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Julie Fukuda said...

What a lovely space that will be when finished. I wish you many happy hours on that porch.