Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Questions about Guild Size

I recently volunteered to be on a committee for my guild to come up with some ideas for having small group experiences within a large guild. How do you put people together diplomatically, or do you let them put themselves together by interest group, geographically, etc. And are there other ways of having the large group seem small enough to make friends and have a chance to enjoy being with each other? At the moment our guild has 63 members, and probably 20 of these have joined in the last 2 years or less. If everyone on the rolls came to our monthly meeting it would be standing room only. We are currently using a place for our guild retreat that can only hold 22 sewing machines, and some people are unhappy about that. Some have suggested that we limit our size to 65 - but several of us are opposed to that at this time. If any of you have ideas about our concerns please let me know. Our committee is having its organizational meeting this Saturday, but our investigations into this issue will be going on for awhile.


Kristie said...

Hi Nancy! First off, I want to THANK YOU so very much for the work that you did on my quilt. I will cherish it always.

I really don't know what to tell you about your guild question. I only joined mine a few months ago. I think there are around 60+ members in mine, but I have never been to a meeting that had over 20 there. And those 20 are always the same people. We meet at our local County Extension Office. It is newly built and has a very large room.

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, I saw your Bargello quilt and your message about the guilds so I thought I would tell you how our guild works it....I am a member of the Dallas Guild. We have anywhere from 200-300 members. It fluctuates each year...Anyway, our guild has about 14 small groups and they are scattered in different parts of the city. As a large guild, we could not get to know everyone so it was decided that small friendship groups would be formed. Some of the groups meet in members homes, some at churches, some at recreation centers, libraries, etc....One rule that the guild tries to maintain for these friendship groups is you must be a member of the large guild to be a member of the small group. Here is a link to our guild site for more info. Good luck...I enjoy your blog very much. Your friend in Texas, Linda

Cindy said...

You are so lucky to have that kind of quality quilting time with friends! I so crave that! Am thinking of starting up some quilting classes just to have the quilting camaraderie :0)

Cindy said...

We did a challenge fat quarter challenge at Christmas and have a year to come up with something to make from them. I received a bright bug fabric and i'm going to make a bug jar quilt too! Probably only wall hanging size though. :0)

Anonymous said...

thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog- isn't this type of community fantastic. I am not good at remembering names so I get a kick out of the on-line signatures (that's why I added my real name to my post- so I would know it was me- just kidding) glad you found me. I am learning a lot but still feel a mile behind- I want to be an extra-mile-gal. Life is attitude, I'm working on mine with help from souls like you. thank you again. cheryl ( www.myquiltblog.com/quilt4younow )